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VerHalen Breakroom Project Results

    The office breakroom has the potential to be either the most popular place or the saddest space in the workplace. Investing in your breakroom can pay off in employee productivity, satisfaction and team-building.   We just recently renovated our company breakroom at VerHalen. Our goal for the project was to create a more welcoming and relaxing space where employees can go to relieve stress during the workday. In addition, we also wanted a space that would better accommodate workplace events. We approached this project with resimercial design in mind. “Resi-mercial” combines the words “commercial” with “residential” and its … Continue reading

Green Bay Packaging Corporate Office – Project Results

    Green Bay Packaging is an American pulp and paper company based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. They produce corrugated shipping containers, folding cartons, and coated label products. The remodel of their Information Technology department, which covered the second floor of their corporate office, encompassed roughly 10,600 square feet.     Our clients wanted the second-floor renovation to include cutting-edge technology and modern design elements, such as collaborative areas, a small gym for employee use and an open floor concept that allowed for ample natural light. With the help of Camera Corner Connecting Point, innovative office technology (like interactive whiteboards … Continue reading

Foundations Project Results

  Since 1965, Foundations has been providing counseling services, foster care services, child therapy and marriage counseling to the Northeast Wisconsin community. The organization, which has been known as American Foundation of Counseling Services (AFCS) for the last 50 years, recently changed their name and went through a complete brand transformation. In addition, the agency moved to an existing facility reconstructed with their clients in mind. The new Green Bay location underwent exciting renovations. VerHalen’s field crew installed acoustical ceilings at the facility and our Furniture & Interior Design department provided the furniture. The interior was designed by Berners-Schober, an architectural, engineering and interior design firm located in Green … Continue reading