What is “Active” Seating?




Safco, one of the leading manufacturers of office furniture, has some fascinating comfort-enhancing products. As a company, one of their goals is to be a step ahead regarding trend-right products that make workplaces ergonomically friendly. They recently introduced Safco Active, which brings some of their best selling active working products together. All of which are innovative, unique and remind us that sitting behind a desk all day is not the only way to work! Safco Active provides the tools for employees to be more active and dynamic during the day. Safco is definitely on point with this workplace design trend. Wellness, which is quite the buzzword these days, is showing up everywhere! …and for good reason. By building a movement rich environment, you can create a workplace in which you’re continually active, focused and therefore, more productive.


So how is the active workplace described by Safco Active? The active workplace is…




Their active products are one of a kind. Check out a few of their active seating products below.




The Zenergy Ball Chair is essentially an anti-burst 17 1/2″ exercise ball with vinyl fabric cover and legs to create a unique ball chair that supports movement and may help encourage better posture and balance. Four powder coated legs and stationary glides offer stability and durability that’s great as an alternative desk chair or for use in meeting areas, gathering spaces, waiting rooms or classrooms. In fact, the chair has been endorsed by the Global Educator Institute (GEI).






The Twixt Active Seating Chair was designed by Thomas Walser to support better posture and balance. It’s height-adjustable, which is great for height-adjustable desk users, and has a built-in handle under the seat for easy portability. A flexible ring under its base allows the user to adjust the angle to sit and aids in offering movement. The seat also has a 360° Swivel.




The Locus Seat supports leaning posture and encourages a hip-to-torso range of 130 to 135 degrees. This provides less pressure on your spine and connects muscles when compared to standing. The contoured seat cushion helps to reduce pressure points while the pivoting seat leg encourages dynamic movement. This seat, which works wonderfully with height-adjustable desks, has wheels for easy portability and the post also folds for easy storage.





The Mogo Seat, which like the Locus, was designed by Focal Upright, is by far the most unique product of Safco’s active seating. It’s collapsible, compact and portable and can be used anywhere a seat might be needed! The pivoting seat leg has a wide range of motion which inspires dynamic movement. In addition, the angle at which the user sits provides less pressure on the spine. The soft, durometer rubber foot works on non-slip, indoor surfaces, while the reinforced-fiberglass turf tip keeps you stabilized on grass, dirt and turf. So, it’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. We’ve tried it ourselves… Initially this seat looks somewhat intimidating due to its small size; however, upon sitting on it, it’s extremely supportive, stable and comfortable!





Designed by Martin Keen of Focal Upright, the Mobis Seat also supports leaning posture and encourages users to use their muscles. Furthermore, the pivoting seat leg inspires movement and the elipse-shaped based offers some stability. There is also a built-in handle for easy portability. This product works well with sit-to-stand desks and accommodates user heights between 4’11” and 6’8″.


So, which active seat is the right one for you? Follow the helpful chart below to find out.



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