The Reception Area: Your Company’s Most Important Space




In office design, the reception area is one of the most important spaces.


Experts say that in many ways, your reception area works as your business card. When visitors walk through your doors, there should be an instant impression made in regards to who you are as a company. Guests should be able to grasp almost immediately the brand of your business, in addition to what your business does. The representation that’s portrayed in your reception area should be the absolute best representation possible as people form opinions based off of this initial impression. And, first impressions oftentimes last with us for a long time. Ultimately, your reception area should have the power to impress.


The aesthetics of the space should fully welcome visitors with personality and style. By utilizing color, textures, space and other design elements, you can capture the core essence of your brand. Other ways to achieve a great design is by utilizing unique lighting, inspiring wall graphics and beautiful materials, such as stone and wood.


By charming guests with your reception area and lobby interior, you’re able to provide visitors with a notable experience while successfully reflecting the concept of your business. While the experience is significant for clients and other guests, a great reception area is able to inspire employees too.


The design must go beyond aesthetics. Reception desks must be stylish and functional. Smart design should enhance the receptionists productivity. Furthermore, the reception desk should be visible and easily accessible.




Logiflex offers a variety of reception desks. In addition, Logiflex reception products are easily modifiable by adjusting dimensions so that you’re able to get a personalized unit that fits your environment perfectly. Available alterations include changes to length and depth measurements, configuration changes and the addition of half-legs, if desired.



Inbox reception desk, Logiflex.



3k Reception desk, Logiflex.


Teknion‘s Expansion Casegoods is an extensive product offering of over 26,000 components that can be combined and interchanged across the office, from single work desks to executive suites and reception desks. The product design is refined, functional, and highly versatile.



Expansion Casegoods reception desk, Teknion.


Expansion Casegoods reception desk, Teknion.


Another crucial component of the reception area and lobby is comfortable and stylish furnishings. Lounge seating should be unique, memorable and “wow” guests. Check out the following for some of our favorites!


Low-Zones-Solo-Lounge-Chair-No-Arms-in-layout (1)

Zones Solo Lounge Chair, Teknion.



Rowen lounge chair, OFS.


Low-StudioTK_INFINITO_10654-1_RGB_FLAT_HI (1)

Metropolitan ’14 lounge chairs and Infinito LoungeStudio TK.


Ginkgo Lounge_1

Gingko Lounge high-back chair, DAVIS.



Mention lounge chair, First Office.



Nora, DAVIS.