Innovative Construction: PanelMax CM10


The PanelMax CM10 from Grabber is the first mobile, self-driving milling machine in the US market.


VerHalen just recently invested in our first portable Grabber PanelMax. Grabber Construction Products originally changed the drywall industry with its PanelMax panel fabrication machines, and they’ve done it again with the mini portable PanelMax CM10.




The PanelMax CM10 works as a companion to the more extensive, non-mobile, PanelMax ST48 to create flawless cuts and corners on interior gypsum that require no bead, tape, or mud. It produces clean cuts and quick finish all without the need for bulky equipment.


The best part about the PanelMax CM10 is the portability and ease of use. It can easily fit into the back of a truck, and be set up by one person on a table or an existing stack of drywall. The CM10 will be a great addition to our PanelMax collection, adding to the already useful PanelMax ST48!