Best of Competition: Teknion’s Zones




At this year’s NeoCon 2016, Teknion’s Zones Collection took home “Best of Competition.” Designed by Tom Lloyd and Luke Pearson of PearsonLloyd, a London-based design consultancy, Teknion’s Zones Collection embodies an exploration of design concepts that address the social and technological changes driving behavior at work.


“The boundaries between traditional and emerging work space is breaking down,” said designer Luke Pearson. “People don’t just work in offices; hotels, public transport, cafes and home have become an extension of the office.” Zones is different than the traditional workstation. It combines comfort, function and sophistication and is the perfect collection for collaborative spaces in the workplace.




The collection includes seating, tables, screens, easels, pods, lighting and accessories. It can be lounge or table focused, in addition to being oriented towards sitting or standing. The largest piece in the series is Lounge, a pod created with two sofas that is partially wrapped within a screen. It’s the perfect space to collaborate due to the pod being insulated from surrounding noises in the office.




The Workshop table with benches comes in a square shape for sit-down meetings while the Canteen table is perfect for stand-up meetings. The series also offers lounge chairs, reclining seats, and small stools. The easel is available in blackboard and whiteboard finishes. Zones’ products integrate wood, plastic, aluminum, veneers, laminates and various textiles in an assortment of shades.


The collection is flexible. It provides the framework for an office that can be fine tuned to support workers’ needs. Ultimately, Zones allows employees to work and connect with others in a natural, informal way.


As a Teknion dealer, we are thrilled that Teknion took home “Best of Competition” for Zones. It really is a wonderful collection that is perfect for the modern-day workplace.


For more information on Zones, click here.