VerHalen Team Anticipates a Great 2018


The year 2018 has officially arrived. Here’s what VerHalen employees are looking forward to with the remaining 11 months of 2018. 



Alex Martel, Assistant Project Manager:

“2018 will bring many new opportunities to show the professionalism and efficiency of our company. In my new career, there has already been success on many different levels. For example, we were nominated as Arco-Murray’s safe contractor of the year at the Cintas project which goes to show how much our clients appreciate us at VerHalen. Growing our team in Green Bay and Milwaukee is exciting as well as it shows that we are making a statement in the construction realm that we are the real deal and here to stay.”




Jaclyn Stanzer, Interior Designer:

“I am looking forward to working on projects that incorporate new trends from the design industry! I’m also excited to continue updating workspaces that encourage productivity and inspire our clients. With design, I enjoy enhancing a company’s culture and brand, which, in turn, helps to retain and recruit top talent.”




Michael J. Warren, General Manager:

“2018 comes to us with great opportunity and advancement for our organization. We will continue to learn and grow as a team and will live by the key words of our mission: trust, innovation, and exceptional results. Through hard work and dedication, we will continue to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace, align ourselves with partners that share our vision, and strive to be the best specialty contractor in Wisconsin! 2018 looks to be an exceptional year for us as we safely execute our work and provide the quality and customer experience that is expected.”




Matt Gabriel, Estimator:

“As an estimator, I am most excited to see the progression of the projects that we were awarded go from bid status to construction completion. Also, I am looking forward to seeing the evolution of our team as our company continues to grow and the new opportunities that lie ahead of us. With our success, I am very excited to be a part of our expanding VerHalen team.”




Kris Steinke, Senior Accountant:

“In the new year, I’m looking forward to new challenges, opportunities for growth, for myself and VerHalen, and a continuing environment of respect, appreciation and teamwork!”




Dan Messenger, Logistics & Warehouse Manager:

“I am excited about the team we have in place as we move into 2018. I like the innovative ideas brought in by the newer team members and how they mesh with the experiences that are in place. The people and processes we have are going to make 2018 an excellent year.”




Jane Schetter, Reception/Office Administration:

“I am looking forward to a busy and productive year as we grow in both expertise and reputation. I know that our team will continue to provide beautiful and effective solutions. As an administrative professional, I will do my best to provide top notch support to them in their efforts!”




Leo Castro-Lopez, Project Engineer:

“With the new year in full motion, I am looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that our Milwaukee Office will be facing. I am excited about our new team member, Justin, who brings experience and talent to our already exceptional team. It is exciting to be part of the success that VerHalen will have.”




Drywall Field Crew

From left to right: Jeremy Krueger, Doug Dimmer, Alex Paulson, Bobby Borta, Chad Markiewicz, Casey Laabs, Wes Jobelius, Mike Hagenow and Travis Krueger.

Wes Jobelius, Foreman: “I’m excited about where we’re headed as a company as a whole. The field is excited because we’re bidding larger projects and get to work on bigger jobs.”