Trendsetting: SIXINCH




Our team was just recently introduced to SIXINCH, a design driven company that specializes in uniquely made modern furniture. Their products, which range from long winding benches to ottomans shaped like puzzles, are creative and fresh. SIXINCH was founded by Pieter Jamart and Michel Sels in Antwerp, Belgium. Their polyurethane coated furniture is used to design and develop a variety of dramatic creations. The possibilities are endless. As you can see below, SIXINCH’s products are dramatic and fun conversation-starters.



Krib, Livv and Lounge 2 at NeoCon 2016 in Chicago. There’s also BlocksAnimals, and the Mint Collection



A SIXINCH custom piece at the tiff Gala in Toronto.



A bench from the Cliffy Collection at the tiff Gala in Toronto.


club-terrace-nikolas-koenig1-crop-u19668Trinity seating at Yotel in New York City.



Chairs from the Louis Collection at the Mondrian Hotel in South Beach, Miami.



Custom work using Blocks at the Aquatic Centre of Jean Nouvelle in Le Havre, France.



Blocks at the Aquatic Centre of Jean Nouvelle in Le Havre, France… Amazing.



Rock Elements and custom work at Google’s Winter Wonderlab.



And here’s a few more products that we had to show you…







Male and Female









The Rocking Chair




The Bench Sofa


As you can see, SIXINCH’s foam coated technique is perfect for custom projects. The sky is the limit regarding what shapes they are able to create. With SIXINCH, one could accomplish a modern, eclectic or traditional look. Their pieces look awesome in retail, corporate, hospitality and even unique residential spaces. In addition, there are 20 different colors to pick from, so one could go with a piece that’s neutral or strikingly vibrant. Ultimately, their ability to turn inspiration into reality is quite impressive. To see how their pieces are made, click here. Lastly, if you’re interested, feel free to contact us for more details!