The Most Extraordinary Offices in the World


Thanks to Office Snap Shots and Custom Spaces, we’ve discovered some of the most beautiful and adventurous offices located all across the globe! We’ve chosen some of our favorite office space interiors that demonstrate extraordinary modern day design.


Airbnb in San Francisco, California


Open space, greenery, and natural light.


For more information and photos of Airbnb’s office, click here.


The Santander International Entrepreneurship Center in Santander, Spain


Marshmallow-like furniture and soft lighting. For more photos, click here. Headquarters in Beijing, China


Bamboo shoots that cause the eyes to move up and down (in awe).


A ball pit for “adults.”


..and a gigantic chess board. For more insanity, click here.


Uniplaces Headquarters in Lisbon, Portugal

Bringing the outdoors indoors.

A makeshift second floor. For more, click here.


DSM Head Offices in Heerlen, the Netherlands


Can you imagine if this was your conference room? For more otherworldly beauty, click here.


Ticketmaster in London, England


A slide, jukebox and pinball machine… at WORK. See more


Lyft Offices in San Francisco, California


Stimulating use of texture and color at the reception desk… Feels like we’re looking through a microscope. For more, click here.


The Barbarian Group Offices in New York City, New York


Plywood structure rising from the existing oak floor to create grotto-esque spaces.


For more, click here.


NUON in Amsterdam, the Netherlands


A magnificently lit espresso bar for coffee breaks.


A dynamic cafeteria with pops of calming powder blue and peppy yellow. See more.


KKCG’s Offices in Prague, Czech Republic


Astonishing use of materials. Have we traveled into the distant future?


For more photos of KKCG’s captivating office, click here.


Panic Headquarters in Portland, Oregon


Great use of carpet and color. See more.


Polar Securities’ Offices in Toronto, Canada


Clean white and cool blues make us feel like we’re basically in an igloo mansion. Click for more stunning photos.


Microsoft Headquarters in Vienna, France


A slide to guide you to a collaborative space with cool modern seating.


A rustic conference room with both traditional and contemporary elements. Click here for more unique captures.


Flexera Headquarters in Itasca, Illinois


Illinois office or Star Trek battle ship?


For more clean lines and pacifying blues…


WME Entertainment Offices in London, England


Lovely natural light and wood floors.


A revitalizing white break room complete with subway tiles. For more inspiration, click here.


De Burgemeester Offices in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands


The staircase, constructed of steel and wrapped with simple sheets of plywood, gives a modest yet delightful handcrafted appearance.


See more here.


Office Space in Town at Waterloo Serviced Offices in London, England


Alice in Wonderland takes over the office…


Conference room with a playing card theme.


For giant bunnies, end tables made of playing cards, and humungous coffee cups, go here.


Red Frog Events’ Offices in Chicago, Illinois

We love the outdoor vibes, complete with a bonfire collaborative spot, a picnic table… and look at those lights in the conference area.


Some unique chairs to hang in and lily pad décor. For more fun, go here.


Nidera Offices in Rotterdam, the Netherlands


A brilliant gold shade that offers warmth and sophistication.

nidera-office-design-3-700x467 Beautiful, soft lighting. For more images of the office, click here.


Facebook Offices in Menlo Park, California


Standout floral wall graphics at Facebook. For more photos of Facebook’s office, visit Custom Spaces.


Thanks for checking out some of the best office designs the world has to offer. Hope you’re feeling just as inspired as we are!