Focus Wall from Teknion





Focus Wall™, which was an honoree at NeoCon 2016, is a family of wall-mounted presentation tools suited for all collaborative areas within an organization. Designed by Teknion, this architectural glass wall product offers several modern features that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.




Architectural glass walls give a sense of openness and harmony within an interior and Focus Wall is visually minimalist, clean and seamless. All of the product’s frame and trim components are light in proportion. The wall and door pairings match and are equivalent in style and size. Furthermore, Focus Wall allows outside sources of light to shine through.


The system offers the capability to plan with single centered, single offset or double glass in 10 or 12 mm thicknesses. Door options include Hinged, Single or Double Barn Doors, in addition to a Pivot Door with single or double panel glazing. Focus Wall allows for varying levels of acoustic performance, depending on the selection. You can also opt for the internal drop seal option, which provides even more success regarding acoustic performance.


Even better, Focus Wall allows for easy installation and future changes are simple with minimal components.




Focus Wall is so unique because of its additional communication tools and accessories. The tools are perfect additions for the modern workplace and work wonderfully in private offices, training and conference rooms. For example, a two-layer communications tool is available with a whiteboard and tack board. Also, a Sliding Whiteboard can be applied as a second layer for an additional writing surface. The system also offers a Focus Board with hinged doors to conceal a whiteboard surface. Other accessories include a marker tray and flip chart hooks.












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