Product Highlight: Teknion’s hiSpace Height-Adjustable Table




Today, the risks accompanying sedentary work are widely acknowledged. New studies show that healthy employees perform better and are more productive. Now, “active design” strategies are becoming more of an essential feature of the modern workplace. Height-adjustable desks are a great solution to sedentary work and in recent years have been gaining a great deal of attention.


Studies show that active people live longer than those whose lives’ lack exercise and activity. Sitting at a desk for the entire day not only encourages a sedentary lifestyle, but can actually cause people physical harm. Yes, we’re talking headaches, vision issues, neck, shoulder, and back pain, but also increased fat that accumulates in the heart, liver, and brain. The prevalence of problems like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease are much more common when the body is inactive. A stand up desk helps to inspire people to be more active and to move throughout the work day.


It is important to note, that it’s best to switch back and forth from sitting and standing at a height-adjustable desk throughout the day as alternating adjusts the amount of weight being put on the body. Employees who alternate positions at their desk typically have more energy and also reduce their risk of any health issues.


With that said, this week we’re highlighting Teknion’s hiSpace, a flexible height-adjustable desk and table with a universal telescopic frame that supports all offered surface widths. hiSpace features a signature square leg profile, C-Leg design and electric height-adjustment range. In addition, a digital display switch with three memory settings is standard. With hiSpace, the user has the freedom to work sitting or standing at their desks, and the power to choose.




Workspace features, like the height-adjustable desk, enhance workers’ overall health. In fact, supporting and empowering employees is the next big thing in corporate design. After all, a healthy employee is a happy employee, and research shows that these types of workers are much more productive in the workplace in addition to living all around healthier and happier lives.


Interested in pricing details? As a Teknion dealer, we carry hiSpace at a current price of $704. This includes 1 table and 4 levelers (C-legs included on 24″ deep surfaces and T-legs included on 30″ and 36″ deep surfaces). Pricing does not include wire management. hiSpace Height-Adjustable tables are warranted for a period of fives years from the date of delivery. For more details on pricing or to discuss any other questions that you may have, please contact us.