Biophilic Design and the Best Plants for your Office





With today’s focus on corporate environmental responsibility, health and wellness trends in the workplace, and overall green efforts, it may come as no surprise that Biophilic design is gaining significant attention from interior designers, architects, and the general public. What is Biophilic design? It’s an innovative design method which focus regards the human connection between nature and the built environment. In the past, we frequently designed our cities and suburbs in techniques that degrade the environment and actually alienate us from nature. Biophilic design unites us with nature in spaces that have normally felt sterile or bare. The idea is that by combining architecture with agriculture, we as inhabitants can feel better, healthier, and happier.


With Biophilic design in mind, we’re going to introduce five of the best plants for your office.


There are many reasons you should have a plant at your desk. One being that they greatly improve indoor air quality. While many know that plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen through photosynthesis, some may not realize that indoor plants also eliminate hazardous elements (such as trichloroethylene, benzene, and formaldehyde) from the air. Newer buildings that have been built to be energy efficient, are typically tightly sealed to avoid energy loss from air conditioning and heating. This oftentimes creates an indoor environment with air that’s more polluted than the air outdoors. Office plants also help to reduce stress, increase productivity, and make rooms more comfortable. Ultimately, bringing a piece of nature indoors and to your desk helps to increase well-being. With that said, consider the following plants for your office!



Snake Plant

– Helps to lower carbon dioxide

– Frees air of formaldehyde and benzene

– Inexpensive

– Easy maintenance

– Requires little water and light




Peace Lilly

– Dark green leaves with white flowers

– Thrives in indoor temperatures

– Lives best in the shade and needs little sunlight to thrive

– Low maintenance (water once a week)

– Rids the air of toxins

– Air purifier and pollution-fighter

– Should not be ingested by pets




Aloe Vera

– Succulent

– Easy to grow and to maintain

– Works best near a window for sunlight

– Has healing abilities

– Natural replacement for anti-itch cream, post-sunburn ointment, and scar cream

– Improves indoor air-quality




Spider Plant

– Rich foliage and tiny white flowers

– Fights benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and xylene

– Thrives in average office temperatures

– Bright sunlight is best

– Safe for pets

– Easy to regrow




Boston Fern

– Acts as a humidifier and helps to restore moisture in the air

– Works to eliminate traces of formaldehyde and other toxins in the air

– Best in direct sunlight

– Mist leaves with water regularly


There you have it! Five lush, green plants that will brighten up your desk, help to clean the air, and assist in overall good vibes at the office… Biophilic design 101!