10 of the Coolest Chairs You’ll Want to Sit in


Our first blog is dedicated to chairs. Why? Well, to start off, chairs have been in existence since the Early Dynastic Period of Egypt which dates back to 2920 BC. Chairs have dramatically evolved throughout the ages and illustrate the life and times of those living during the periods from which they were designed, built, and utilized. In fact, the chair is the perfect symbol for the ever-changing lifestyles and values of those who sit in them. The following chairs (which are quite different than the Ancient Egyptians’ chairs) demonstrate modern design that’s innovative, aesthetically pleasing, and effortlessly cool.




Teknion’s Responsive Back Technology Task Chair, otherwise known as the RBT, closely resembles a spinal column. The visually and technically unique chair automatically flexes in response to the shape of the user’s back. In fact, there is no lever to adjust the backrest as it is simply not needed due to the chair’s built in patented design. It adjusts with the user’s spine and aids in continuous changes regarding posture, which ultimately allows for freedom of movement and persistent support. Ergonomic solutions are important during this day and age, as many of us sit at desks for so many hours each day. Surely, the RBT aids in making employees more comfortable while increasing their productivity.

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Teknion, RBT


Energy Pod


The Energy Pod is the world’s first chair designed for napping at the workplace. And yes, you can bet that Google, a company on each annual list of “Best Companies to Work For” has this chair at their headquarters. The creators of Energy Pod, who patented this solution to workplace fatigue, actualized the idea in 2003. The chair’s features include ergonomic support, a privacy visor, built-in speakers that produce relaxing sounds, and timed waking that gently wakes users up with a combination of lights, music and vibration. Awesome.

$8,000 – $13,000

MetroNaps, Energy Pod




HUSH provides a personal retreat in the midst of a busy life. The main body is cut from wool felt which is naturally flame retardant, breathable, durable and elastic. In addition, HUSH is multi-climatic, which means that the interior is warm if the environment is cold or the interior is cool if the environment is hot. And just when you think it can’t get any better, HUSH is also biodegradable. The piece is manufactured in Durham by Ness Furniture and was selected by Kevin McCloud as a “Green Hero” for Grand Designs Live.


Freyja Sewell, HUSH




Static sitting is causing all kinds of issues for the modern day worker. The Swopper chair is the first ergonomic office chair ever to move in all three dimensions (backwards, forwards, sideways and even up and down). The design allows the user to frequently change positions and move during the day. In fact, it aids in strengthening the user’s back, training muscles, deep breathing, stimulating circulation, and therefore improving overall concentration. Studies confirm that the Swopper encourages users to move twice as much as conventional seats, so you can forget about straightjacket-sitting.

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Via Seating, Swopper


Quartz Armchair


Designed by CTRL ZAK and Davide Barzaghi, Quartz is an armchair inspired by nature and its astonishing perfect geometry. Made up of distinctive pentagon and hexagon “crystals,” the Quartz Armchair results in an armchair that is always unique and inimitable from chair to chair. The comfortable and unique wraparound seat is a limited edition production.

$15,700 – $20,252

CTRL ZAK, Quartz Armchair


Shimoda Shapes


Trendway offers Feek Fundamentals, a comfortable, reconfigurable and highly durable coated foam seating offering that comes in a variety of designs, bold colors, and creative shapes. Now, Trendway has partnered with Joey Shimoda and Shimoda Design Group to create an exclusive line of Feek shapes called Shimoda Shapes. The set includes Phoebe (a cute Wire Fox Terrier silhouette), Super Lounge, Low Lounge, Picnic Basket Work Lounge, and Racetrack, which can be configured into a variety of modular arrangements. The result is amusing and one-of-a-kind seating for collaborative areas in the workplace.

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Trendway, Feek Shimoda Shapes


Oyo the Chair


Similar to the Swopper, Oyo the Chair allows for motion in three different dimensions (rocking, bouncing, and swaying). It is a rocker, cantilever chair, saddle and shell chair all in one that provides for versatility, comfort, and the freedom to move around at the office or home.


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Via Seating, Oyo the Chair


Alvi Silkchair


The Alvi Silkchair by Alvi Design is an environmentally friendly chair that utilizes silk thread and a bearing FSC-certified oak frame to create a wonderfully unique chair. The manners in which the silk thread is tightened brings forth a perception of transparency and weightlessness.

Alvi Design, Alvi Silkchair




Designed by Michael Wolk, the Stryde Collection was inspired by popular international lounge chairs from the mid­-20th-­century. The Stryde lounge chair has clean lines, remarkable angles, and a mix of wood and upholstery to give it a classic look.

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Loewenstein, Stryde


Atomo Collection


Designed by Henner Jahns and Holger Zerfass, the Atomo chair is a multi-functional lounge chair that works great for the office or in an educational setting. As you can see, the user has the ability to sit in a variety of different positions on the Atomo chair. In addition, the chair can be customized to swivel or to add a hardtop surface to work on.


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Atomo Collection, Martin Brattrud


There you have it! Ten really cool chairs that you’ll want to sit in, work in, eat in… and sleep in.